Dementia Call for Evidence – Black African and Caribbean People In Greater Manchester

Thank you for taking time to provide feedback on our Dementia Call for Evidence Survey. The aim of this survey is to understand the dementia support and information provision to Black African and Caribbean people in Greater Manchester. Questions can be answered by either carers or people living with dementia. The Dementia Call for Evidence Survey covers 4 areas of a person’s Dementia journey, please click on a survey below to take part:

Current NHS Ethnicity Data tells us that across England there are only 122 Black African and Caribbean people diagnosed with dementia with only 6 of these people living in Greater Manchester. ACCG is working with Dementia United to identify the actual number of Black African and Caribbean people across Greater Manchester that have dementia. We aim to ensure the Care Pathway being developed by Dementia United addresses the cultural needs of Black African and Caribbean people and their carers, living with a diagnosis of dementia and also informs local dementia specialists, health care workers and policy makers.