ACCG Information and Advice Manchester

Information and Advice

Access to free confidential advice and support that assists people to be involved in decisions which affect and impact on their lives, supporting them to make informed choices and speak out about matters the affect them. Our team will advocate on your behalf and provide translation support as required. We can visit you in the community, your home, hospital and at the Claremont Resource Centre.

Care Services

  • Finding & accessing Care Services

  • Eat Well and Diet

  • Stay Active

  • Loneliness & Isolation

  • Your wellbeing

Advocacy Advisor

  • Your Rights

  • Financial Advocacy

  • Welfare Rights

Activity Coordinator

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Events and Activities

  • Health and Wellbeing

Welfare Advisor

  • Housing Support

  • Energy and Cost of Living

  • Benefit Support

  • Financial Hardship

Dementia Advisor

  • Dementia Care Support

  • Dementia Cafe

  • Delirium Care Support

  • Research Study

Carers Service

  • Carers Awards

  • Carers Forum

  • Young Carers Support

  • Trips and Events