BME Partnership



ACCG works with four other organisations to promote the heath and well being of Manchester residents from BME communities through the development and delivery of early intervention and preventative health and social care services.

The aims are to:

  • communicate and engage with people from BME communities living in Manchester on a range of health and social care issues
  • involve and support people from BME Communities to manage their own health and well being effectively
  • develop and deliver services that are accessible to people from BME Communities
  • promote equal access to health and social care service for people from BME Communities

The partnership consists of established voluntary and community sector organisations that work at a strategic and operational level to manage and monitor the development and delivery of health and social care services to people from BME communities in Manchester.

For more information, visit the BME Partnership website

The other partners are:

LMCP Care Link

Wai Yin – Chinese Women’s Society

Indian Senior Citizens Centre

Annana Manchester Bangladeshi Women’s Organisation